Top 8 modern web design trends to expect in 2023

Dec 6, 2022 | Web design

As technology and the internet continue to evolve, digital presence has become more and more important for businesses to establish and maintain. Companies must keep up with the latest web design trends and techniques to stay relevant and competitive. Web design trends for 2023 are expected to move towards more modern and innovative design elements. From powerful animations to interactive interfaces, many of these trends emphasize user engagement and immersion.

This blog post will discuss 8 modern web design trends for 2023 that businesses should consider to ensure a modern and professional online presence. We will look at the latest developments in design and technology and how businesses can use them to craft the perfect website for their brand.

Modern web design trends to expect in 2023

As technology evolves, businesses must modify their marketing and sales approaches to remain competitive in the current marketplace. We anticipate several web design trends that will likely shape the digital landscape in 2023. As the year progresses, it is essential to be aware of the following developments in web design.

  1. Split screen layouts
  2. Black and white color schemes
  3. Minimalism
  4. Contrast or vibrant colors
  5. Animated typography
  6. Illustrations and 3D elements
  7. Large footers
  8. Customized content

Split screen layouts

The implementation of split-screen designs on websites has become increasingly popular as a way to present information in a visually attractive way. Many templates featuring this design have become available, and the trend is expected to grow in popularity in 2023.

Split-screen layouts can effectively create a visually appealing website, combining illustrations and realistic images with artistic elements and text blocks to make the website look original and attractive. This web design trend can be seen in many software and business websites, providing an attractive aesthetic that is sure to draw the visitor’s attention.

Black and white color schemes

Black and white designs can effectively present your products or services in a stylish and bold manner. This website design trend is ideal if you’re looking to keep up with modern trends without using vivid hues. While this aesthetic may only be suitable for some brands, it can be particularly effective for those with a sophisticated, formal, or edgy image. The versatility of black and white can provide a unique aesthetic pleasure for illustrations, photography, and shapes. This classic color combination has the potential to create an exciting and enjoyable visual experience.


Minimalistic web design

Modern minimalism is an ideal choice when designing your website if bold designs or bright colors are not suitable for your brand identity. Simplicity is key when it comes to successful website design. An overly busy website design will be challenging to attract and engage an audience. This trend is continually evolving while maintaining its strength, making it a potential asset that can be used across applications, websites, and other digital platforms.

Contrast or vibrant colors

As a designer, colors are a powerful tool for creating eye-catching and modern designs. Feel free to mix tones and hues for a vivid effect. Color is a great way to achieve a visually appealing look and feel. Experiment with a combination of colors for background and foreground to create a unique and memorable layout.

Bright and vibrant hues, such as orange, red, blue, and yellow, can be effective in flat illustrations, HERO images, and headers to give a website an attractive and pleasant look. Many eCommerce websites draw on the power of eye-catching and boldly-colored visuals to create a positive atmosphere.

Animated typography

The evolution of animated typography has opened up new possibilities for web designers, allowing them to tell stories in various forms. This trend has quickly gained popularity in the design world, providing a beautiful complement to existing practices. Animating text can draw the reader’s focus, set the tone, emphasize key elements, and direct the user’s browsing experience. Make your text move a little to ensure the reader reads something before continuing to scroll. Ensure your readers get all the essential points in your article by making the subheading stand out.

Illustrations and 3D elements

Illustrations can lend a beautiful touch to any website, allowing you to craft unforgettable visual narratives that help convey your brand message. By taking advantage of the hand-drawn style of many illustrations, you can create an engaging experience for viewers. Animations can further enhance these stories, allowing you to make a lasting impression.

Like illustrations, 3D objects also catch the visitor’s eye. With 3D visuals, you can create a unique and impressive website experience that transcends traditional design boundaries. Take advantage of this innovative web design trend and make a lasting impression with your 3D objects.

Large footer

web design trend - large footer

Web designers knowledgeable and experienced in the field will advise against overcrowding headers and footers with irrelevant content. Nevertheless, the use of “large footers” is rapidly increasing. Despite not fitting contemporary design standards, these formats have become increasingly common, suggesting that viewers are attracted to the abundance of content and links they offer.

Large footers allow a concise display of maximum data straightforwardly. When designed effectively, they are detailed and feature a more extensive navigation menu than the primary header menu. Depending on the type of website, the footer shows contact forms, social media links, and other elements.

Customized content

The internet has enabled greater access, customization, and relevance in many aspects of a website. Your website should also exemplify these qualities. By considering a user’s browsing history, you can tailor your messaging and offers to meet their interests better. Many successful eCommerce websites have adopted this strategy.

Final Words

Consider rebranding if it has been three to four years since your website was last redesigned. When creating a new website, the latest web design trends should be considered, but remember the primary objective: to provide an enjoyable and positive experience for visitors.

Based on the data, 95% of website visitors form an opinion of the site based solely on its design. Consequently, businesses in the market strive to create an aesthetically pleasing website. Web designers often rely on the newest web design trends to reach their goals. It is essential to take note of these web design trends for 2023.